Meet The Team

The Personal Paws Faculty members are a group of highly trusted and trained K9 Handlers.Each handler goes through a series of shadowing,mentoring and is required to finish our educational programs provided before earning a position in our pack. At The School Of Personal Paws our mission to help each student reach their full potential!! The k9 Handlers work on Basic Obedience, Intermediate Obedience, Canine manners and proper socialization ( on and off leash) You will not only feel comfortable leaving your furbabies with our schools faculty, but you will feel confident knowing they will be getting the mental and physical stimulation they absolutely need throughout their days!!

Liz & Kait

Liz and Kait together have 8 years of combined experience in the canine industry; from volunteering to helping in local shelters, kennel work, reading canine body language to managing facilities and employees to handling canine behaviors, basic obedience, competitive obedience, and extensive pet care. All of this has led the two of them where they are today!

Liz and Kait take pride in their customer service skills along with their ability to change the quality of relationship between canine and human. They have devoted 100% of their lives to helping dogs in need and have so much to offer their community and surrounding communities.

General Manager

I joined the Personal Paws team because I have a passion for creativity, innovation, and of course dogs!

In my role as General Manager, my duties include corresponding with new and current pet owners, scheduling services and appointments, managing employees, tracking inventory, and assisting with overall business functions.

My background in business development, marketing, and customer service has allowed me to bring an upbeat, creative, and business oriented energy to Personal Paws!

K9 Handler

I joined our team because I love dogs and it was a new and exciting opportunity. There is always something new to learn with the dogs. They have taught me a lot about myself.

Fun fact: I have 2 inches of cadaver bone in my right leg.

My favorite part about working for Personal Paws is that we are the voices for the dogs and we help better the communications/relationships between our clients and their dogs.

K9 Handler

I joined the Personal Paws team because I’ve always loved dogs and have always wanted to learn how to train my dog properly, so she could become the best version of herself.

Fun Fact: I attend SUNY, and SCCC, for craft Beer Brewing Company and intern at BYE- I Brewing Company.

My favorite part about working for this company is not just meeting and working with so many awesome dogs but being on a team with some amazing individuals.

K9 Handler

I joined personal paws because I've always loved dogs and it seemed like a wonderful opportunity to get into the training industry.

Fun fact I have a twin sister.

Favorite part about working at PP is meeting all the dogs and seeing all of their individuality and helping them grow into the best individual they can be.

School is in session! Sign your pup up today!

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